Tuesday, March 24, 2009

long time!

so it's been quite a while since i've updated anything, and since i'm on my way to GDC tomorrow i thought i'd change a few things around and brush up on my demo reel. that link over on the side leads to my website, wherein you'll find my new demo reel. i submit it for your perusal. I've also entered the digital age even further by putting it up onto youtube. it's right here:


can i tell you what a pain it was getting that into a format that youtube accepts? geez louis, it was like pulling teeth from an invisible... something. with teeth. adobe premiere needs to havea few more options for exporting movies. especially now that they own macromedia. though i suppose i could just get the newest version of premiere... but who has that kind of money laying around? not me i tell you, not me.

anyway. it's late. or early. whatever. i'm off to sleep. for a wee bit.