Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Character a Fortnight

This past weekend my school, CCAD, held a Women in Animation Symposium, and whilst listening to a few of the speakers (one from Blue Sky, the other from Rachelle Lewis Talents) I decided to sketch a little. the first few things that came out led to others, and the final sketches i had ended up cool enough that i thought i might try to make a go at the character creation again. so here are the best sketches, and hopefully i'll be able to get decide on one or the other and get to modeling it soon...

so, let me know what you think!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

well, it's been quite a while since i've posted anything, a month to be exact... but that's how it goes. being out of work is much more busy than i thought it would be. my morning scheduale used to consist of trying to stay awake in front of a computer screen at work, now it consists of always staying awake watching a cute baby cruise around and beg for attention... and occasionally i can get a little work done. it's pretty nice, except i know it'll end sooner or later...

while i've been looking for a job i have also been participating in some art challenges on CGtalk. this past 2 weeks there was a character creation thingy going on, so i worked on that. the goal was to take something organic and turn it into something mchine-like, and the first thing that came to mind was using a spider, a black widow really, and i got excited about the idea, but then, like 3 other people were using a spider, or arachnid type thing too, so i moved on to a giant flying fox. which we saw at the Columbus Zoo recently... those things are HUGE, but very cool. i never got further than a half-hearted sketch on that one. then my wife came up with the idea of a bean. afterall, what's more organic than a plant?

so out of the few sketched i did here is the final sketch that came from that:

so that's what i ran with, cause i think it looks pretty neat, and with the right coloring/lighting/ etc it could be purty cool...
after a few days hectic work this is the final image i came out with:

I like it, though it could be much better, i'm sure... if i had a creative team with me, critiquing and refining the idea, imagine how awesome it would be... or even if i had been able to start on the day the challege started... oh well.